Anonymous: Can you just imagine Bones and Jim during their first Christmas together? Jim acting like a little kid as he opens the present Bones got him. Bones reluctantly opening the gift Jim got him. Bones and Jim making out in front the fireplace, whispering how much they love each other in between kisses.

YES. Jim wakes up before dawn and bounces up and down on the bed until Bones cracks open an eye, grumbling about goddamn overexcited puppies. Bones fussing over his homemade pecan pie, while Jim prances around wearing a fluffy apron and smudging floor on Bones’ face. Jim falling asleep laying inbetween Bones’ legs, a christmas cracker paperhat sliding off his head.

I can’t even with these two xD There can never be too many Christmas McKirk fics!

Anonymous: [To the tune of Jingle Bells] We're dashing off through space, on the enterprise we go, making our merry way, we shall boldly go! Ha, ha, ha! Bells on Keenser ring, Making spirits bright, oh what fun it is to laugh and sing, an exploring song tonight! Oh! Jingle Bells, Chekov Smells, Vulcans don't lay eggs, the Enterprise is the best ship, and Klingons don't get laid! Hey! Happy Holidays!



Happy Holidays to you toooooo! <3

Anonymous: Happy Holidays! I love your blog!


Hope you all have a fabulous holiday with all the important things: family, friends and food! And McKirk. heheee. xP xox

Anonymous: BOLDLY GO AND HAVE A STELLAR DAY (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧


YOU TOO LOVE :D Shoot for the stars! <3

Anonymous: Don't ever change! Hopefully you have more free time soon to grace us with your presence! You're one of the best examples of a great McKirk blog :D


YOU ARE PERFECT ANON. All of my wonderful followers are! :) Stay awesome <3

Anonymous: You're one of the first blogs I followed when I got into the mckirk ship. Thanks for running such a nice blog. A lot of us really appreciate it even if we don't show it with anything but likes and reblogs. Happy Holidays!


That is such a sweet thing to say, thank you! :) I’m so sorry I haven’t been very active lately, I’ve had two jobs this December so haven’t had much time left for Tumblr! Hope to get back in the new year and celebrate with all the mckirk :D



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